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We have rich production experience for the surface requirements, dimensional accuracy, hardness, and twisting of various aluminum profiles. And extrusion molding has great flexibility, the comprehensive quality of its products is high, and the product range is wide. This allows us to generate various products with different cross-sections according to customers' drawings, and customize high-quality and high-precision products for customers.


CNC machining is a manufacturing process that uses CNC (computer numerical control) high-precision machines to remove raw materials with various tools. The process is controlled by a computer program according to your 3D design specifications. Our team of engineers and experts have multiple project experience, can control complex and precise CNC parts in various industries, and are proficient in customizing computer programs to optimize processing time, surface finish and final tolerances to meet customer requirements. In order to ensure the quality of our machined parts, we combine our experienced team with precision 3-axis, 4-axis and CNC machining centers. We can manufacture different parts from prototypes, mass production to mold tools through CNC machining.


1. Anti-corrosion. The oxide film can cut off the contact between the air and the aluminum profile, thereby playing a role in corrosion protection.

2. Anti-static. The oxide film can prevent static electricity. Commonly used in anti-static workbenches, clean sheds, etc., to reduce dust adhesion and easy to clean.

3. Beautiful and generous. After the industrial aluminum profile is anodized, the surface is as bright as new, with a long use time and beautiful appearance. And after oxidation treatment, a variety of bright and eye-catching surfaces can be obtained to meet the needs of different customers for appearance and color.

4. Health and safety. After the surface treatment of the profile, no paint can be applied in the later stage, and no harmful gas such as formaldehyde will be generated. It is healthy and safe, and the maintenance cost in the later stage is low.

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